Scout Project Date
Brandon Aberle Tennis Bounce back wall and benches CHS 2021
Alden Jennings Outdoor classroom renovation at CNHMS 2019
Zach Hattan Booth and Dimock Library Outdoor Patio & Flag Retirement Area 2018
Ken Boland Little Brick School House Shed 2018
Brett Aberle 10 Soccer Player Benches for Laidlaw Park, Coventry 2018
Curtis Hany Replaced shelving units at the Coventry police station 2018
Luke Smart North Coventry Volunteer Fire House sign 2016
Jack O'Connell Improve bridge in North Coventry 2015
Dan Burke 1st Congregational Church stair renovation 2015
Alex Bean St. Mary Cemetary renovation and beautification 2015
Tom Peck Knights of Columbus grounds renovation and beautification 2014
Ellis Jennings Patriots woods trail renovation 2013
Ben Sewell Barn doors at Strong Porter Museum 2012
Doug Burke 1st Congregational Church stair renovation 2012
Dan Naumec Christmas tree shed at EO Smith School 2011
Brian Wicks Building addition at Strong Porter House - post and beam addition to blocksmith shop to house grist mill 2011
Brian Kearney Rain garden and drainage improvements behind library 2010
Michael Icart Wall and pavers at Coventry High School 2009
Ben Dagg Pavilion at Presbyterian Church 2009
Tim Wicks Steps and retaining walls at First Church 2007
Robbie Smith Sign at main fire house on Route 31 2007
Andy Wicks Habitat for Humanity in Willimantic and Hurricane Katrina relief 2006
Chris Ferguson Split rail fence and clean-up at Strong Porter House - cleared out the Strong barn foundation 2003
Stephen Pacholski Flag pole at Booth & Dimmock Library 2001

And many more since our inception in 1965