Can and Bottle redemption is an individual scout fundraiser. Scouts participating will sign up for a 2 week fundraising slot and will be responsible for emptying the Troop 65 Can and Bottle bin located in Nathan Hale Farm and Feed 2050 Boston Tpke. Parking Lot on RT 44, Coventry. Scouts are responsible for emptying the bin and turning in the bottles for the bottle refund at any local bottle redemption center using their own vehicle. Scouts are responsible for their own garbage bags and cardboard boxes needed for sorting. Cans/bottles must be sorted by aluminum, small plastic, large plastic, and glass. Redemption Centers are located in Manchester, East Hartford and South Windsor. Money collected is turned in to Kristy Boland (current coordinator) to be deposited into the Troop 65 banking account. 75% of the money collected will be allocated to a scouts individual scout account to be used for summer camp or other Troop activities. 25% of the money collected will be allocated to the Troop 65 general fund to support the Troop.


Anyone interested can see Kristy Boland to sign up for a fundraising slot or for additional information.